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FULL RP Name(s): Sull / Sullivan
Steam Name: LN NerdOrFly
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:77373431 / 76561198115012590
Age: 15
What Country and Time Zone are you from? GMT -00

How did you find to LuthenNetwork? Cannot Recall. Searching through the Server Browser probably.
How long have you played on our Server? SCPRP, An hour or so. SWRP quite a while.
Why do you want to be part of the staff Team? Mainly because I'm looking to do something different. I (was) the Head-Administrator on LN Star Wars RP, however though, I would like to broaden my knowledge with new problems, and generally advance though into something that'd I'd love to do. I really just primarily want to help the community, and I wish and hope that I can do so. I personally believe with my extensive knowledge of this community I'll be able to properly function as a unit. and in working order with others.
Why should you be accepted to the staff Team? I personally believe that I have qualities admirable to the role of Staff. With good knowledge with ULX and general staff commands. and with my extensive prior knowledge and experience dealing with players, and other incidents within communities I believe I could be a good if not better mediator for incidents that occur. I personally believe I'm a fast learner and should be up to any and every task available.

Staff History: Head-Admin (LN SWRP)
Availability: Dependant, Typically a lot. Dependant on what I'm doing that day.

Do you have Discord? Yes
Do you have a working Microphone? Yes
Do you have a Donator Tier? If so what Tier is it? No
Do you understand that you must change your Steam Name to [LN] (Name) upon getting accepted? Yes. Done.
Are you familiar with our rules? Yes.
Are you familiar with our current punishments for people who break the rules? Yes.
Have you read the Global Staff Policies of LuthenNetwork? Yes.
Have you recently resigned from a different community recently? No,
Not open for further replies.