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User name:
FULL RP Name(s):
Steam Name:
Steam ID/64 ID:
STEAM_0:1:93458957 / 76561198147183643
What Country and Time Zone are you from? [Timezone]
Denmark / UTC+01:00
How did you find to LuthenNetwork?
I was just searching around on the server list looking for a server to join where there was not that many ppl, then i found this one and joined it
How long have you played on our Server?
5hours and 12 min
Why do you want to be part of the staff Team? [100 Words]
Because i think there might have to be some more staff for the future and there is not that many atm, and i want to improve my "Staff Skills" as a Garry's Mod Staff and SCP-RP Staff and i can properly try and invite some more ppl if they want to join
Why should you be accepted on the staff Team? [100 Words]
Because not everyone have a chance of becoming a staff and for the future purpose there should be more helping when a lot of ppl join (Trust me it have happend on other servers before, where there was like no one on and then suddenly 15 ppl just join after each other)
Staff History:
I have not been staff for a while on a Gmod Server so i would properly say that i don't have one sadly
I'm not the best at making mad and im good at remembering (If its important) but mostly im good at handling ppl who likes to argue and make big discussions and other stuff like that. (Sry for my bad english)
Do you have Discord?
Do you have a working Microphone?
Yes, but its not the best
Do you have a Donator Tier? If so what Tier is it?
Free VIP
Do you understand that you must change your Steam Name to [LN] (Name) upon getting accepted?
If that what it takes. Sure
Are you familiar with our rules?
Are you familiar with our current punishments for people who break the rules?
Have you read the Global Staff Policies of LuthenNetwork?
After "Karma" send it i have now read it and i understand it.
Have you recently resigned from a different community recently?
Were you referred by anyone on the recruitment team?

PS: Not the best at english atm (Typing not that much of a problem, but speaking is) but i hope its good enough, and im not good at making apply's because of my diagnose sadly
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John Smith

Hello, we haven't seen you on in a few days so we're placing you on hold.
The next time you join the server you'll be made an advisor.
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