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Hello, my name is Henry and today I will hopefully be convincing the Luthen Staff Team to switch over to Clone Wars Role Play.
There are many reasons why I believe LuthenNetowrk should change their genre. My first reason is due to the lack of jobs, at the moment LuthenNetwork has a limited amount of jobs, this being either Sith or general battalions. I believe that by switching to CWRP the amount of job choice will expand rapidly this is because firstly, there are many branches off of Jediich helps the player base choose in fine detail the exact Jedi they want to become. Also, in CWRP there is a more vast choice of battalions, this is due to the fact we have more information about clone battalions during the clone wars, this means that players can become well known clones (at the moment, in imperial rp, there isn't known commanders). Furthermore, events in CWRP are a lot more exciting for many reasons, lots of them due to the fact half the fucking planet isn't controlled by the imperials. This will allow players to experience RP in more detail and enjoy it more.

Thank you,
1. CWRP Is a over saturated part of the starwars RP gamemode.
2. The events are the same on all parts of SWRP as its the same but with diffrent models.
3.While yes there are more battalions in CWRP even now when we have 3 battalions not including fleet or sith most battalions are dead.


Hello, 'Encounting' (Henry),
I doubt that we would reverse our current course with the Imperial era over to Clone Wars for a lot of reasons.
Right now the reason for the limited jobs is so that people stick together, building relationships with one and another while also allowing them to experience what they want by specialising into a predefined section, While also ensuring that we do not accidentally kill regiments that we may look into developing into our timeline and our ship later.
In our current timeline the Imperial Order may control large masses of space, planets and etcetera and as your saying that I will look into passing this information on to relevant sources in an attempt to increase the replayability and general roleplay it's self. Each battalion has a select distinctiveness that adds to our own in the whole run, with HAVOC being the more technical battalion, engineering new things and engaging in flight with potential enemies. the 501st being "Vader's Fist" and generally being out primary attack battalion. Shock being the more controlling and policing regiment of the ship, and et cetera. However though above all in my own personal opinion Clone Wars is a really over-saturated market at this time, and I sincerely doubt that this will change in the near future. Maybe once we establish Luthen into a larger and more popular community with active players we may seek to expand. However, though that would be in the future.


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I wont make this long but I am close to certain that we will never be changing to CWRP because of the community growth. And Since you have only been on once or twice on the server you dont seem to know our progress. I am glad that you posted it on the forums instead of bringing it to one person on our staff team. But as I said I am almost Certain that we wont

-Ish, Social Media Supervisor/manager