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Lord Smith's Abuse report

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Who: Smith AKA Grand admiral

Why: He has been very rude and makes his own rules up on the spot, He talks shit behind peoples backs and pretend he can do whatever he wants without consequences. I think he is very unprofessional and abuses his powers as both a staff member and a IC hierarchy. I have been told by a lot of people having the same problem with him and I just want people to know about this problem. I dont wish that me and Smith have anything bad with eachother just that I do not want or I dont think its good for the community for him doing all kinds of this stuff.

Proof: Here are some things that he has said to me behind my back: " 19:27:29 - Fred: Alright well if I demote one of you Ish beingthe scandanavian scum he is will moan and weep like thepussy he is so I can't " He has said alot more but i currently could not find it.
Not open for further replies.