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Kamikaze's Game Master App

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FULL RP Name(s): Kamikaze

Steam Name: Kamikaze Chamele

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:87240082

Age: 14

What Country and Time Zone are you from? Bristol, England BST

How long have you played on our Server? 1 week plan to play more

Why do you want to be a Gamemaster? because i have played on servers before were events are just boring and repetitive they are not fun. i would want to change things up a bit with the events i host idea's i have had and base idea's of other good events i have seen other servers do whilst trying to host small events often. I am also good friends with game master teayo and have already helped with events on this server and generally enjoy making events with him i really feel we can help the server grow and have a solid playerbase.
Why should you be accepted as Gamemaster? Because i used to co own a server with teayo which had started to grow but errors started to appear that we could not fix causing us to have to shut it down and the owner said he was having problems with it interfearing with his persernal life. we both hosted a lot of events on it so had a lot of experience but, we wanted to switch it up because that was a republic server we thought we should change pace and switch to a imperial server so thats why we went looking to play on another server.

Gamemaster/Event Maker History: none exept what i have already mentioned previously but i was a super admin but i still hosted events

Availability: 2-3 hours working days exept wednesdays

Do you have Discord? Yes i am already in the server discord

Do you have a working Microphone? Yes
Not open for further replies.