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Inferno Squad

A large majority of these suggestions are all centered around improving events greatly. Some of them would make the jobs of the GMs and mods much easier during on-ships and normal events.

First off is the Inferno Squad Models


They may be the pilot models but i think they look very cool just by themseleves. The inferno squad is a elite force and i believe they would be great during events,on-ship rp,etc.

Finally, we have the Imperial Probe Droid:
This is a vehicle, however, it retains some accuracy is that the player will still be visible at the point it was deployed. This vehicle will allow for better scouting during events, and could serve quite well during events as such. When this vehicle is destroyed, the player will still be at the place of deployment rather than where the probe droid was destroyed.

I inquire that you respond to the below poll, and show the developers and high administration of the server that you want these addons!