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Application Greenys Staff application

FULL RP Name(s):Medic Corps Trainee Greeny

Steam Name:Greeny

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:89709263

Age: 15

What Country and Time Zone are you from? [Timezone]:England GMT+0

How did you find to LuthenNetwork?On the gmod server finder

How long have you played on our Server?2-3 hours rn still playing while writing this (Been playing alot of hours everyday since then)

Why do you want to be part of the staff Team? [100 Words]
I want to be part of the staff team as even though i have only played the server for a short amount of time i have enjoyed every minute of it. The server is very different to anything i have played before and i generally belive its for the better. I am allready very experianced in staff owning multiple starwars rp server and co owning a dark rp server along with multiple admin roles and staff roles in diffrent server in the starwars rp community. I belive that staff has allways been my calling from my early days of minecraft servers as it helps me interact with the community more.

Why should you be accepted on the staff Team? [100 Words]
I believe i should be on the staff team as i am very experienced with dealing with all different types of players and sizes of player bases. This makes me a very well rounded admin with the knowledge of admin commands and dealing with players. Most stuff i have to say comes with experience but i do believe it is a important for a staff role to be experienced. I do feel that on my short time on the server i have made a few friends and shown that i am friendly. I am also mature and able to change from serious to fun when needed.

Staff History:Owner,Co owner,Admin,Mod,Helper,developer(server unreleased yet)

Availability:5-10/11 most days
more active on weekends
Do you have Discord?

Do you have a working Microphone?

Do you have a Donator Tier? If so what Tier is it?
Not yet but will get one soon
Do you understand that you must change your Steam Name to [LN] (Name) upon getting accepted?
Are you familiar with our rules?
Are you familiar with our current punishments for people who break the rules?
Have you read the Global Staff Policies of LuthenNetwork?
Have you recently resigned from a different community recently?
Not in a while i lost a co and owner role for the server being hut down cause of funding i still have the rest including one owner role but i dont go on that server much.
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On Hold
Your Application has been put On Hold
in the meantime you receive the rank of Advisor to proof yourself