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Fleet application: BelovedBandit

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OOC Information
Steam Name: BelovedBandit

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:48037276

Age: 17

Describe the job of the Fleet: Command day to to day activity; ship launches and landing, expeditions, attacks on enemys, and expanding rule over the galaxy. doing all this quickly and effeciently.

What can you offer to the Fleet?: I am quick on my feet, and quick to think of a solution any situation i am on it. quickly destroying any roadblock ahead. i am also loud and proud letting everyone know of my postion and ideas. usingf my rank when i can to command effeciently to all below me.

History:i have played on many SWRP servers before and have been a high ranking officer many times to multiple regiments. i want to try being fleet because i think i would be good at it. i honestly am dedicated and though not experienced in this specific role i am dedicated and no problem is to big.

IC Information
Name: ST. PVT Bandit

Regiment: Stormtrooper

Rank: PVT

Commanding Experience: none on this server but multiple times on many other servers in high ranking officer postions.

thank you for your consideration.


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Since there are currently no fleet available or anyone in fleet ATM I will be accepting you for fleet.
as soon as you are on you will be handed your white list

Welcome to fleet!
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