What's new

Fixes and Features that are Planned | Done


Walk Speed: 100 | Run Speed: 200 - for better "immersive" Gameplay | Done
Custom Handcuffs for MTF and Security - Removing a Abuse | Done
Finish SCP Rules - Obviously Rules are needed | Done
Give Admins+ the Ability to spawn Entities without the Give Command | Done
Add SNPC SCPs - for better Events without SCP Players | Done
New set of Weapons - The current once cause Lua Errors and some other Stuff | Done
Times of Jobs will be changed - see ingame on Information | Done
Add some Minigames for D-Class - I mean sometimes they get bored | Done
Change looting to be only possible for D-Class - Since Researcher run around with Guns they not suppost to have | Done
SCP 173 Recontainment | Done
Taser for Security - Somtimes you sick of running | Done

Work on the Map
- Room for Security | Done
- Room for Chaos | Done
- Room for Medbay | Done
- Room for Researcher | Done
- Sign for Certain Areas | Done
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