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What do I need to play on LuthenNetwork?
All LuthenNetwork Server content can be found listed here. This content is required to play on Luthen Network, though, most, can also be automatically downloaded when joining the server.

The following content packs are required to fully experience our Servers.
StarWarsRP: Workshop
SCPRP: Workshop

The following downloads are required if you are experiencing any further texture issues whilst playing on Luthen Network.
Couter Strike Source - If you are missing textures, it's likely you don't have counter strike source installed.
You can click here to download the counter strike source content

Half Life 2 Episode 1 and 2 - If you see some props as errors, this likely means that you are missing Half Life 2 EP 1 & 2.
You can click here to download the episode one content & click here to download the episode 2 content.

Half Life 2 - If you see models and map texture errors, such as water or trees, you are likely missing Half Life 2 content.
You can click here to download the Half Life 2 materials content.

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