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Deku's Guard application

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In-game Name: Deku

In-game Playtime (Approximate): 2 hrs

Have you used WiltOS Light-sabers before and know how to use them?(Combat forms, Force-powers): I have used it before, I have some knowledge but I'm not an expert on it. I am willing to learn how to, and will mess around to figure it out myslef if need be

Why do you want to become an Shadow Guard?: I have throughly enjoyed my time on the server and would like to take up an important role in the server. I also like the look and equipment of the guards as well.

IC Section

In-character rank/regiment: ST LCPL . Deku

What would an Shadow Guard do on the ISD under an attack: They would report in that area that is under attack and then proceed to move in and attack the current threat unless told otherwise by a higher ranking person on the ship.

If you see a trooper disobeying orders or doing something they are not allowed, What do you do (Give some example situations) : I would first tell the person what they did wrong try to make sure they lsiten and actually change what they are doing and get their act together. If this didn't work I would call in a shock trooper and get them to arrest them if they still continue. One example of this would be someone trying to RDM, first I would pull them aside and tell them to stop, then if they don't I would call a shock in to arrest them. And finally if they still continue, I will call an admin to ban the person in question.

Are you allowed to use force-powers on the ISD without permission.: No, not unless it is specifically required of me to use my powers at the time.

What Clearance do Shadow Guard have?: Regualr have clearance 4 while higher ranks get 5.

If an Shadow Guard is killing troopers randomly what do you do: I would first ask for reasoning behind their killing. If there is no valid reason behind it I would either contact the Shock or an admin.


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I would like you to be an guard for the moment, As said in the template. You will be having a sort of trial period where I see if you are fit for the role. As soon as I see you in game i will hand the handbook over to you and an white list.
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