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Daubeny's (Apollyon's) Staff Application ( T-mod )

FULL RP Name(s): 501st PFC. Daubeny (Apollyon)

Steam Name: Get || It

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39958603

Age: 13

What Country and Time Zone are you from? [Timezone] GMT: 0:00+

How did you find to LuthenNetwork?: I was browsing through servers after I left a previous server that had a toxic member and staff member in it then I found this server.

How long have you played on our Server?: 2 Days ( 1 day when app was posted ) In time I was apart of the server.

Why do you want to be part of the staff Team? [100 Words] I want to be apart of the staff team because I believe that staff arn't just people that warn minges, another reason why I want to be apart of this community is because I know a lot of staff commands such as !bring, !god, !give, !noclip, !jailtp !fbring !freeze !jail !hp and !armor. I also think that the staff team Isn't on duty most of the time and doing ooc things as there RP job I want to be active as a staff member more often and keep an eye on possible minges, I also think that the staff team isn't as experienced at first thought, I want to help teach other T-mods and they might teach me something.

Why should you be accepted on the staff Team? [100 Words]: I know a lot of commands, I am helpful and fun and I like to help people when they ask. However, I do get a bit mad sometimes but that's because my mind and body is changing as I am 13 years old, I am also very familar with the computer and I have almost 4200 hours on gmod, this shows that I know a lot about gmod and I can help people find things that they didn't know. On the other hand, I can't always be on time as I might have family things to deal with or chores.

Staff History: Co-Owner, Head Gamemaster, Admin, Discord Server co-owner ( Now ) and Moderator.

Availability: 3 or more hours a day.

Do you have Discord? Yes

Do you have a working Microphone?: No.

Do you have a Donator Tier? If so what Tier is it?: No

Do you understand that you must change your Steam Name to [LN] (Name) upon getting accepted?: Yes.

Are you familiar with our rules? Yes

Are you familiar with our current punishments for people who break the rules? Yes

Have you read the Global Staff Policies of LuthenNetwork? Yes

Have you recently resigned from a different community recently? Yes


On Hold
Your Application has been put On Hold
in the meantime you receive the rank of Advisor to proof yourself