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    [CLOSED] Requirements

    The Shadow Guard Application Requirements You need to be an active player. (Both as Shadow Guards and normal jobs) You can NOT be another second life as an Shadow Guard because you only have two lives. You must follow the rules and guidelines of being an Shadow Guard (You will be given them...
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    Lord Smith's Abuse report

    Who: Smith AKA Grand admiral Why: He has been very rude and makes his own rules up on the spot, He talks shit behind peoples backs and pretend he can do whatever he wants without consequences. I think he is very unprofessional and abuses his powers as both a staff member and a IC hierarchy. I...
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    Shadow Guard Application Template

    Here Is the template. If you do not follow it during your applications It will get denied. OOC Section In-game Name: In-game Playtime (Approximate): Have you used WiltOS Light-sabers before and know how to use them?(Combat forms, Force-powers): Why do you want to become an Shadow Guard...
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    Latest Update

    Quickfix 04.11.2018 Star WarsRP -Fixed Jumptrooper Model -Added fire extinguisher to Havoc -Added looc
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    Secondary Jobs Information

    All of these regiments/jobs are equivalent to a second life. Which means that you are allowed to be this and an normal RP Job/Military job. Secondary Jobs are a pair of Jobs that you can have without needing to quit your Job as a Trooper Death Troopers Death Troopers are one of the most...
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    Regimental Information

    Here is all the information needed for joining a regiment/If you want to know more about them Basics of each Regiment All regiments have their own uniqe speciality, They utalise their equipment differently than anyone else And they are all a great asset to the empire. All regiments exept for...
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    Ish's Staff app

    User name: Ish FULL RP Name(s): 501st SGT. Ish Steam Name: Ish Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155825338 Age: 15 What Country and Time Zone are you from? [Timezone] Sweden and GMT +1 (Not Sure though) How did you find to LuthenNetwork? A friend told me about the server and that I would enjoy playing...